Zagreb, May 11, 2020 - Despite months of difficult communication due to the world pandemic COVID-19, sports friends find ways and solutions for establishment or continuance of cooperation. The Agreement on Sports Cooperation with the Korean Sports&Olympic Committee, agreed last year during the south Korean delegation to Croatia, reached the Croatian Olympic Committee’s headquarters.

The four-year Cooperation Agreement, sent from Seoul with the signature of Korean Olympic Committee’s Head Lee Kee-Heung, was also signed on Friday by the President of the Croatian Olympic Committee Zlatko Mateša.
The cooperation involves mutual expert and advisory assistance in a wide range of sports, but it is almost certain that one sport will be in the spotlight - taekwondo. In the middle of last year, the special envoy of the Korean Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Shin Kinam, visited Rijeka, along with his associates, wishing to promote the national sport – taekwondo - in the European capital of culture in 2020. After that, once again the Koreans expressed favor with Croatia. The October donation of the company Nassau - 500 balls to Croatian sport at the local level – served as a prelude to this Agreement.
This is the 22nd memorandum or cooperation agreement signed by the Croatian Olympic Committee with the national Olympic Committee of other country. (COC/VK)