Olimp Magazine


Olimp Magazine published by the Croatian Olympic Committee is a unique magazine on Croatian sport based on sociology and culture studies. It was founded following a decision of the Croatian Olympic Committee Council in 1999.


Eminent journalists, public figures and sports history experts have been writing for the magazine on the relationship between sport and society in the area of philosophy, art, ethics, spirituality, media, top sports results, as well as current events in Croatian and international sport and Olympism.


Numerous prominent international and Croatian sports figures have given interviews to Olimp Magazine: Antun Vrdoljak, first President of the Croatian Olympic Committee and IOC member since 1995; Juan Antonio Samaranch, true friend of Croatian Olympic movement and IOC Honorary President; Jacques Rogge, current IOC President; Matija Ljubek, one of the Croatian Olympians who have won the most medals; Zlatko Matesa, President of the Croatian Olympic Committee since 2002; Nada Sencar, first female Vice-President of the Croatian Olympic Committee ever; Stojko Vrankovic, many-time Olympic basketball player and sports official; Slavko Podgorelec, first Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee; Morana Palikovic Gruden, Chairwoman of the Commission on the Care for Women in Sport and member of the Croatian Olympic Committee Council, and numerous other sports officials and top athletes.


Through its special column titled History of Croatian Sport, Olimp Magazine provides significant contribution to recording historical facts, which have influenced the development of Croatian sport in the 20th and 21st century. Although it is not commercially distributed, Magazine has an audience throughout Croatia and outside of it. And thanks to the support by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, all elementary and high schools receive it for their school libraries.


The Editor in Chief of Olimp Magazine from its first 1991 issue on has been Ante Drpic, eminent sports journalist, editor of the Sports Department of the Croatian Information Agency (HINA).


Olimp 64/September 2017 - online, pdf


*Some Topics from the first edition Olimp Magazine 1999:
Olympic interview
- Antun Vrdoljak
- Juan Antonio Samaranch
- Jacgues Rogge

Zagreb, April 30, 2019 – The ceremony of presenting the HAZU (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts) awards for the highest scientific and artistic achievements has traditionally been held - as part of the Academy Day celebration - for a quarter of the century. There were five laureates for the last year (2018), proclaimed by the President of the HAZU Awards Committee, the Academician Koraljka Kos. Ratko Cvetnić, a longtime associate of the magazine Olimp and member of two Croatian NOC’s commissions - Information and Publishing Commission and Gender Equality in Sport Commission - was also among them. Cvetnić received the HAZU award for the field of literature, namely for the book Blato u dvorištu.

Zagreb, March 22, 2017 – The new edition of the “Olimp” magazine was released a couple of days ago. Upon the recommendation of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Council it is entirely dedicated to female athletes, sports officials, coaches, employees, volunteers, promoters of sports values, as written in the editorial by the Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee, Josip Čop ".... to women carefully working, on daily basis, for the benefit of the Croatian sport”. He also highlighted that today only a few countries in the world can boast with a female president and a woman being elected to the position of the first Secretary of the State Office for Sports.

Zagreb, September 23, 2016 – we have launched the 60th, September edition of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s magazine Olimp, dedicated to the performance of Croatian athletes at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and celebration of Croatian Olympic Committee’s 25th anniversary of its establishment.