The Administrative and Technical Services Division of the Croatian Olympic Committee is in charge of managerial, expert, administrative and technical tasks in the area of sports, international sports relations and activities and it fulfils obligations stipulated by laws and regulations.

The issues of the structure, management and way of work of the COC Administrative and Technical Services Division are stipulated by the Managerial Structure Regulations. Its activities are managed by the Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee. The Administrative and Technical Services Division is divided into departments and offices in charge of respective areas. There is also an Internal Control Unit, led by an internal control officer.



The Secretariat's tasks are creating working conditions for the President, who represents the Croatian Olympic Committee in Croatia and abroad and manages the work of the highest bodies, as well as for the IOC member, Council members, chairmen and members of permanent working bodies of the Council, Sports Arbitration Council and Ethics Committee. It is also in charge of creating working conditions for the Secretary General, who coordinates the activities of various bodies, manages the activities of the Administrative and Technical Services Division, represents the Croatian Olympic Committee in the relations with other legal entities and before the law, who is responsible for the legality of actions of all entities and departments of the COC and for respecting the IOC Olympic Charter, COC Bylaws and other documents which regulate its activities.


Research and Development Program Enhancement Department; Head: Neven Šavora 

Publishing, Public Relations and Web Department; Head: Radica Jurkin, PR & communications officer: Manuela Sentđerđi Čorković

International Cooperation Department; Head: Ljiljana Ujlaki Subic

Olympic Solidarity Program; Program Associate Vesna Peran

Major Sporting Events Organization Department; Head: Damir Dragicevic

Sports Arbitration; Arbitration Issues Secretary: Petra Pocrnić Perica

European Union Programs; Funds and EU Program Coordinator: Alma Papic

Head: Assistant Secretary General for National Sports Federations Programs Robert Gojević

The Office's tasks include coordination of the national sports federations' activities, especially in implementing the defined development strategy of the sport at the national level. It also takes care that the interests and needs of national sports federations are met, provides support for them to fulfil their basic legal requirements and creates prerequisites for the enhancement of sports activities and achievement of top results. The Office is in charge of athletes' status issues and their categorization, medical care and consultancy on diet and vitamin supplements, monitoring sports results, coordination of the participation in international sports competitions and other issues important for the development of non-Olympic and Olympic sports, the national federations of which are member federations of the Croatian Olympic Committee.

Head: Assistant Secretary General for Olympic Program Damir Šegota

The Office's tasks include keeping track of world and continental multi-sport programs and activities of international sports federations, before all those, which the IOC is in charge of, or those, which take place under the auspices of the IOC. The Office also proposes participation in multisport competitions and events, as well as the criteria for the selection of the athletes and teams who would participate in them, especially in the Olympic Games. It organizes activities regarding the preparation of athletes and teams for the participation in the Olympic Games and other multisport events, among which are also international youth competitions.

Head: Assistant Secretary General for Local Sport Programs Sinisa Krajač

The Office's task include encouraging and coordinating activities of sports associations, especially the county ones, but also city and municipality associations, to implement the national sports program and adopted sports development strategy in the Republic of Croatia. It participates in the creation of public needs programs in sport and harmonizes those programs with the national sports program. It also performs tasks and activities, which fall within the competence of the Croatian Olympic Committee, in the area of children and youth sport and sports recreation.


COC budget execution monitoring, preparation and implementation of financial management, preparation of documentation for control, planning and analysis and coordination of book-keeping and accounting activities.

Management, supervision, provision of services for and development of the IT system of the Croatian Olympic Committee and support for the COC members' IT system development. Securing business information at a strategic and operative level.


The Finances and IT Unit includes:

Plan and Analysis Department; Head: Tanja Bilic Brener

IT Department; Head Designer: Lidija Bencic Stampar

Accounting Department; Head: Marija Vodanovic


Head: Assistant Secretary General for Marketing Ranko Cetkovic

The department's tasks are creating a marketing offer of the Croatian Olympic Committee, planning activities and cooperation with partners to create revenue through marketing; creating a favourable image of the Croatian Olympic Committee through adequate promotion of the activities of member associations and the COC itself; looking after the business activities of the Croatian Olympic family, mutual exercising of rights and fulfilment of obligations of its member organizations and acquiring new potential partners and sponsors; cooperation with sponsors, donors, partners and other business organizations in order to implement the Croatian sports program


Head: Assistant Secretary General for Legal and General Matters Biserka Vrbek

The tasks are consultancy in following and implementation of legal regulations regarding the area of sport and other legal matters in the interest of sport; legal assistance to national sports federations and sports associations at a local level; services regarding legal issues for various bodies of the Croatian Olympic Committee and their working bodies; preparation of meeting materials and seeing to the implementation of decisions; seeing to the implementation of international legal rules and regulations in Croatian sport

Internal Control Officer Evica Obadic

Pursuant to Article 89 of the Croatian Olympic Committee Bylaws, the Internal Control Unit acts in accordance with instructions given by the COC Supervisory Board.