Siniša Krajač was born on 13 August 1968 in Zagreb. He holds a master’s degree in kinesiology with the title of professor of physical and health culture, and he earned his academic status at the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb. He speaks English.

Josip Cop has been COC Secretary General since June 2005. He also served as acting COC Secretary General twice prior to the COC elections, between 2000 and 2005. The first time was from 1 November 2000 to 12 February 2001, when he was also an ex officio COC Council member, and the second time was from 4 November 2004 to 17 June 2005, when he was elected as Secretary General to a term of four years.

Ivica Miocic Stosic was COC Secretary General from 1 December 2002 to 4 November 2004. He was a counter-candidate to COC President Zlatko Matesa at the regular COC presidential election in 2004.