Zlatko Matesa is the third COC President since 1991. He was elected in October 2002, after Zdravko Hebel resigned, and he served until the end of that term in 2004. His primary task at the time was the organisational, programmatic and financial restructuring and stabilization of the Croatian Olympic Committee.

Zdravko Hebel, a member of the COC Founding Assembly as the representative of the Croatian Water Polo Federation, was one of the two first COC Vice Presidents, who served the longest term – from its foundation in 1991. Zdravko Hebel was Vice President until 2000, when he was elected COC President. He led Croatia's highest sports organisation until 2002, when he resigned. He was an ex officio COC Council member from 1991 to 2002.

Antun Vrdoljak, an eminent sports official and politician, was elected President of the Croatian Olympic Committee at the founding assembly on 10 September 1991, as the representative of the Croatian Athletics Association, one of the 29 national Olympic sports associations, which were the founding members of the Croatian Olympic Committee.