Zagreb, 11 May 2022 - Croatian Olympic Committee’s (COC) President Zlatko Mateša and Secretary General Siniša Krajač hosted a 15-member delegation of the Croatian Shooting Federation (HSS) at the premises of the Croatian Olympic Committee. Members of the National Senior Shooting Team were joined by their coaches and representatives of the parent sports federation.

The invitation came to the shooters with good reason - from the beginning of the year to the beginning of May they won 15 medals at the world cups (in Cairo, Rio de Janeiro and Lonato) and at the European Championships in Hamar, Norway. The reception was attended by: Petar Gorša, Miran Maričić, Ante and Josip Glasnović, Giovanni Cernogoraz, Borna Petanjek and Valentina Gustin.

- We invited you only with the intention of congratulating you from the bottom of our hearts on the fact that, as a result, you are our most successful sports federation in the first part of this year. Winning 15 medals individually and as a team - it's really a great achievement. Your sport is specific and, knowing this, we from the Croatian Olympic Committee would like to further help you to have the best possible conditions for playing this sport , said the President of the NOC of Croatia Mateša.

Congratulating them on their medals, Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee Siniša Krajač said:

- The continuity of your performance, as evidenced by the latest results, is important to us. I believe that in this way you will attract young forces to your sport, and we are here to help with everything we can.
When the shooters were asked about the problems they most often face with, Olympian Petar Gorša mentioned the problem of expensive ammunition supplied from the UK and subject to customs duties after Brexit. The Croatian Shooting Federation also requested the intervention of the COC helping our shooters to have at their disposal the Vrapčanski potok shooting range and also after 3 p.m., which is not the case now.

The reception for the representatives of the Croatian Shooting Federation was also attended by the former top shooter and today an employee of the Croatian Olympic Committee Biserka Vrbek, Head of the COC’s National Sports Federations’ Programs and Research and Development Programs Enhancement Department Neven Šavora, Head of the COC’s Olympic Program Office Damir Šegota and Head of the COC’s Healthcare of Athletes Mimi Vurdelja. Secretary General of the Croatian Olympic Committee Siniša Krajač gave all the invited shooters valuable gifts from the summer collection of sports equipment 4F, sponsored by Croatian Olympians. (NOC of Croatia/VK)