Pescara/Zagreb, August 30, 2015. - The first Mediterranean Beach Games Pescara 2015, currently in progress, gathered athletes from 24 countries, a total of 906, of which there are 305 female athletes. The Games will last from August 28th to September 6th. The organization of the Games comprises 430 officials, 200 judges, 900 volunteers and 120 media representatives. The Games will last for ten days, and during that period the athletes will be able to win 400 medals in various disciplines.


At the opening ceremony held on Friday, August 28th, on behalf of the Croatian sports delegation counting 14 athletes, our flag bearer was the athlete Karla Šitić (open water swimming).


On the very first day of the Mediterranean Beach Games Pescara 2015, on Saturday, August 29th, the rowers in double coastal rowing finished the competition without entering the quarterfinals. However, on the second day of competition, on Sunday, August 30th, Karla Šitić has won the 5th place in open sea swimming in the competition with 19 swimmers, as well as Ivan Šitić in the competition with 29 swimmers, while Matija Luka Rafaj has won the 9th place. (hoo/zš /rj)