Most Successful Athletes and Teams


The Croatian Olympic Committee introduced annual awards for the most successful Croatian athletes and teams, and most successful promoters of Croatia in the world at the third anniversary celebration of the COC’s admission to the international Olympic family held in the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb on 17 January 1995. In that same year, that date was declared the Great Day of Croatian Sport. In 1999, the COC introduced the Most Successful Disabled Athlete Award, and in 2001, the Most Successful Coach Award, presented to the most successful among those who coach Croatian athletes.

The criteria for all the categories are top rankings at the Olympic Games, world and European championships and cups, high results achieved by athletes in younger age groups, and the contribution of athletes and other team members to the reputation of Croatia and Croatian sport in the world.

The Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO) traditionally concludes the year with the selection of the most successful female and male athletes and coaches and presentation of special awards to sport notables. In the year burdened by the pandemic (COVID-19), the image of Croatian sport looked significantly different compared to the previous years because epidemiological measures affected the postponements and cancellations of competitions, as well as the athletes’ training.

The Most Successful Male and Female Athlete in 2019 in the selection of the Croatian Olympic Committee are athlete Sandra Perković and gymnast Tin Srbić. The title of the Most Successful Female Sports Team went to the Croatian Bowling Team, and the title of the Most Successful Male Sports Team to the Croatian Water Polo Team. In the category of relays, couples and crews, the laureates are rowers Martin and Valent Sinković. The Most Successful Coach in the selection of the Croatian Olympic Committee is Nikola Bralić, and Luka Modrić was selected as the Greatest Promoter of Croatia in the World.

The Croatian Olympic Committee proclaimed discus thrower Sandra Perković and football player Luka Modrić the most successful athletes in 2018. The award for the best male team went to the Croatian national football team, while the award for the best female team went to the national karate team. The award for best relay teams, pairs or crew went to the rowers Martin and Valent Sinković. The award for the greatest promoter of Croatia in the world went to the Croatian national football team. Zlatko Dalić, national football team's coach, was proclaimed the most successful coach.