Winners of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Special Recognition 2017 are TV shows Sport nedjeljom (Sports on Sundays) and Istinom do gola (With Truth to the Goal) for media promotion of sports and Dina Levačić, Split native open water swimmer, for Sports Event of the Year.


Croatian Olympic Committee’s Special Recognition for Media Promotion of the Croatian Sports presented to the show Sport nedjeljom.

When a television show reaches 500 editions through 12 years of broadcasting, it is certainly a proof, not only of its persistence and quality, but also of a very positive audience’s feedback.

The show Sport nedjeljom is truly special. There are famous people from the world of sports participating in the show, followed quite often by athletes who do not have the opportunity to present their achievements in other media. Almost all sports are covered, but the emphasis is on the most important Croatian clubs and federations, particularly in terms of work and activities of our strongest sports representatives in football, handball, basketball, water polo, tennis, volleyball and many other sports.

An additional attraction of this project is presentation of the lower leagues of domestic sports collectives and sports branches, so that the players of the second and third Croatian Football League as well as the younger age categories of Croatian football clubs are given attention-given their place under the sun. Likewise, the show follows the work and development path of female and male athletes who do not often have a chance to show their knowledge and skills, such as sailors, rowers, archers, shooters, judokas, wrestlers, karatekas, swimmers and many others. Through participation of a dozen television stations and unencoded satellite broadcasting, the show Sport nedjeljom reaches the homes of millions of Croats in the country and abroad. In October 2008, Sport nedjeljom received the award for the Best Sports Show by the Independent Television Association (NUT), and there were even 19 television stations in the competition. Along with many journalists who have most certainly left their trace, Editor-in-Chief and host Ante Breko and Lead Producer Vlado Turković are the most responsible for the success of this project. The show Sport nedjeljom goes on, rounding up only the number 500.


Croatian Olympic Committee’s Special Recognition for Media Promotion of the Croatian Sports presented to the show Istinom do gola

In the chronic lack of sports interviews in the domestic television broadcast, Zdravko Reić's talk show "Istinom do gola" that reaches, through the Televizija Jadran and Sportska televizija (Sports Television), the wider audience, represents a true media refreshment. A respectable sports journalist hosts many interlocutors, regularly closely related to the hot topics of Croatian sports, distinguishing and demystifying –- the current issues in its characteristic way
Since launching the show in August 2005, Zdravko Reić is almost an inevitable creator and project manager, with occasional and - as he would say - worthy substitutions - the speaker of Radio Dalmacija Toni Kesić or colleague-journalist Ozren Maršić.
Twelve years of existence in a weekly dynamic provide every respect to the show. Through Reić's show we will continue getting interesting facts from Croatian sports and closely related areas. Always updated, interesting, content-full and relaxed - this is the show "Istinom do gola".


Croatian Olympic Committee’s Recognition presented to Dina Levačić for Sporting Achievement of the Year

In 2017, open water swimmer Dina Levačić realized a very successful achievement and made a big contribution to the development and promotion of sports, especially open water swimming in our country.
Member of Split's swimming club Split, born on March 14, 1996, became the first Croatian female athlete to win the Triple Crown, finishing three marathons of total length of 114 kilometers. She began swimming on June 25th where she swam the 46-kilometer-long section below 20 bridges of Manhattan, continuing the 34-kilometer-long section from Catalina Island to Los Angeles on August 3rd and finally on September 17 she swam across the English Channel in another 34-kilometer-long section. With this achievement, she entered the 165 female and male swimmers who won the Triple Crown, becoming the sixth person in the world who made this venture in 90 days. She achieved her long-term dreams and ambitions with a lot of self-sacrifice, perseverance and endurance to the outmost limits, and the realization of the said venture was largely financed from her personal and family savings.

Dina Levačić is not only a great swimmer, but also a great humanitarian. Both this and last year she swam from Omiš to Split for the Association 'My Child' from Solin, which deals with children with developmental difficulties. As a student of the Faculty of Education and Rehabilitation in Zagreb, Dina has thus combined her love for swimming with her future academic vocation.