Croatian Olympic Committee’s special recognition for 2009 presented to Slavko Rasberger, founder of ATP Umag and Croatian Female Climbing Expedition "MT. Everest 2009".

Slavko Rasberger, sports official and founder of ATP Umag was born on September 13, 1941 in Zagreb. After completing the education, he got employed and remained loyal for many years to a combination of tourist and sports activities, investing since 1990, wholeheartedly and enthusiastically, in the project on ATP tournament in Umag. Rasberger, a lover of sports, especially tennis, was actively engaged in table tennis and football. His job and profession took him to the Netherlands, however, upon his return to Croatia the idea on tennis tournament in Umag - tourist pearl of Istria and Adriatic – was born and with extraordinary efforts he established the ATP tournament. Today we should rightfully pay him a tribute for managing to create a Croatian “brand”, recognized in the whole world – domestic and international economic, social and sports event no. 1.

ATP Studena Croatia Open Umag celebrated this year its 20th anniversary. Year after year, for full two decades, diligent organizers - Istraturist, the city of Umag and numerous business partners – cooperate in launching this major sports event, which has long outgrown this sports frames and become one of the most important economic, tourist and social events in Croatia and in the region. From its very beginning until today, the tournament hosted the greatest tennis players of the world, players of exceptional playing quality who have later in their careers won at the French Open. But the ATP tournament in Umag was also an opportunity for young Croatian tennis players in their sports development, upon which Slavko Rasberger particularly insisted. Year after year, the tournament grew larger, better organized, offering a rich range of facilities modeled on the world's biggest tournaments. Quality and progress has been recognized and the ATP tournament in Umag has been awarded the prestigious "Award of Excellency" even five times: in 1998 for the promotion of children's programs (“Kids promotion”); in 2000 for player area improvement (“Player Area Improvement”); in 2001 and 2004 for operational organization of the tournament (“Tournament Operation”) and in 2005 for advertising and PR (“Advertising and PR”).