Sports News - for promotion of sports and Olympic values; Sports News are the only Croatian daily sports newspaper that continuously - for 70 years - records all the relevant events in the field of world and domestic sports.

The first edition was published in Zagreb on August 9, 1945 under the name Illustrated gym newspapers, changing its name already on December 10th into National sports, while from March 1, 1962 the newspaper is being published under the name Sports news.

The first editor was Miroslav Habunek, and later on the editorial work has been served by numerous notables of our sports journalism who have left an indelible mark in the Croatian sports journalism, starting with Vladimir Orešković, Zvonimir Mornar, Vilko Luncer, Darko Tironi up to Robert Šola today.

In the past seventy years, Sports News has been reporting from all the major sports events, Summer and Winter Olympic Games and other major international sports events.

Sports News are continuously monitoring the activities of the Croatian Olympic Committee since its very establishment. Moreover, Sports News’ longtime sports journalist, late Drago Marović, participated both in the establishment of the Croatian Olympic Committee as member of the Founding Assembly 1991 and later on as member of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Council.

In 2011, Sports News received the highest recognition of the International Olympic Committee, the IOC Award for 2011 in the category "Sports and Social Responsibility".