Croatian Olympic Committee Special Acknowledgements

Since 2004, the Croatian Olympic Committee awards the Special Recognition to outstanding individuals in sports, media, culture and other fields, whose works prove true commitment to sports good and to the Olympic spirit. The award was established in 2005 and it was first awarded to Boris Mutić, one of the best of sports journalism.

The Croatian Olympic Committee's special recognition for promotion of sport in 2018 was presented to the Croatian national tennis team (Marin Čilić, Borna Ćorić, Ivan Dodig, Mate Pavić i Franko Škugor, national coach Željko Krajan).

Winners of the Croatian Olympic Committee’s Special Recognition 2017 are TV shows Sport nedjeljom (Sports on Sundays) and Istinom do gola (With Truth to the Goal) for media promotion of sports and Dina Levačić, Split native open water swimmer, for Sports Event of the Year.

Sports News - for promotion of sports and Olympic values; Sports News are the only Croatian daily sports newspaper that continuously - for 70 years - records all the relevant events in the field of world and domestic sports.